New Years Day Results

The NFL has blessed our wonderful first of the year with a sunday full of games. Some of you will be happy and some of you (myself included) will be screaming at your tv and sobbing wondering how it could go like this.

My team: New Orleans Saints apparently forgot how to play football today until the last half of the last quarter. So thank you Saints for making my eyes water in frustration at how you could let them do that to you…

  • 10 BAL 27 CIN
  • 20 JAX 24 IND
  • 35 NE 14 MIA
  • 10 CHI 38 MIN
  • 10 BUF 30 NYJ
  • 13 DAL 27 PHI
  • 24 CLE 27 PIT  OT
  • 16 CAR 17 TB
  • 17 HOU 24 TEN
  • 32 NO 38 ATL
  • 6 OAK 24 DEN
  • 44 ARI 6 LA
  • 37 KC 27 SD
  • 25 SEA 23 SF
  • 19 NYG 10 WAS

Question.. Oakland and Los Angeles you do remember you’re suppose to score in football correct? I mean if we were playing say like Golf you’d be top dog but we aren’t.

Also to the Steelers you had to go into Overtime against the browns? You’re an 11-5 team… the browns have only won 1 game this year.. That’s right they are 1-15 and you had to go into Overtime to win? Did you stay up celebrating to late last night?

At the time of this posting the GB – DET game was still going on. GB was barely ahead of DET and Rogers just couldn’t get those passes like Stafford could… so its still a toss up of who is going to win tonight.


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