NFL Week 1 Re-Cap



Week One NFL Scores
Game’s to Remember
vs Broncos
– If you remember nothing else about this game you will
want to remember that Peyton Manning tied the NFL record (held by 5 other QBs)
as he threw a total of 7 touchdown passes in this game. The last QB to do this
was Joe Kapp on Sept 28, 1969. That was 44 years ago. Minus the fact that the
Ravens couldn’t seem to get into the groove of the idea you’re supposed to go
into the End Zone the statistical numbers say the teams were pretty evenly
matched. Well except for the 2 interceptions that Flacco threw and the 3
fumbles (2 of which they recovered) the Broncos had.
vs Redskins
– One of the most interesting plays I’ve seen in a long
time and also showing how you play until the ref blows the whistle plays
happened within minutes of the game starting. Vick throws a lateral pass that
was tipped away by #91 Kerrigan. Which was then picked up by Washington and ran
back unchallenged for a 75 yard TOUCHDOWN!!! Even with this really cool play
which seemed to baffle everyone on the field and even I had to do a couple of
double takes watching the replay and with RG3 finally remembering how to play
football in the second half it wasn’t enough to out shine the veteran QB Vick
and his team of Eagles. Welcome to the NFL Chip Kelly (former head coach in
college for Oregon) and congrats on your first NFL Game and first NFL Win.
Who I had picked to win:

Denver – Correct

 New England – Correct
Chicago – Correct
Miami – Correct
New Orleans – Correct

Tampa Bay – Wrong

( I still don’t agree with that last penalty which is basically the only reason the Jets won the game but whatever)

Pittsburgh – Wrong
Minnesota – Wrong
Indianapolis – Correct
Seattle – Correct
Kansas City – Correct
Arizona – Wrong
Green Bay – Wrong
New York Giants – Wrong
Washington – Wrong
San Diego – Wrong
8 of 16
Well not too bad for a first week random picks. But now I know which teams to look out for.

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