MLB Wild Card 2012!

The Atlanta Braves
The St. Louis Cardinals
One of these two teams will get the honor of going into the playoffs for the World Series title. St. Louis is looking to defend their title from last years amazing games while Atlanta is looking to throw Chipper Jones a big celebration for his last year before retiring.


At 5:00 P.M. EST The one and only wild card game will begin and one of these two teams will at the end of the night be walking off to a shot at the World Series title while the other will walk away without a victory and start to prepare for next year.
In honor of This game (Because I am an Atlanta Braves fan and my Husband is a St Louis Cardinals Fan) I am doing a special give away. Here is what is included!!!
1 Polymer Clay Baseball Bat Charm
1 Baseball ribbon clip
1 Crochet hat in either dark blue & Red (Atlanta) or Red & white (St. Louis)
1 Crochet Baseball
And here is how you enter. I want you to leave a comment with who you think will win and what you think the score will be. The person closest to the actual outcome wins. It really is that simple!!!

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